The Acer Aspire E-15 E5-575G-57D4 Review

The under-600$ laptop market is a difficult place for every manufacturer and it’s often hard to distinguish valid products from an assembled mass of chips and RAM. Fortunately, Acer is one of those companies who care about its brand value and put effort in the creation of every model, it doesn’t matter how cheap it might be.

The Aspire E-15 that we’re reviewing today is not an exception to this general rule and can fiercely stand among the best of its category. Shipping at 50 $ short of our previously set ceiling, the latest Acer can count on a solid 7th generation Intel Core i5 that performs greatly with most applications and can resist to a pretty amount of work overload.

Of note, for 620 $ there is also an i7 version that you may consider for more stressful processes (ex. multi media rendering). The 8GB of RAM is a good of chunk memory to start your portable gaming experience, providing an average speed for a lot of games, but you can later expand them pretty easily to 16 GB. The same verdict can be expressed on the included 256GB of SSD, which might erroneously seem undersized, despite providing a much quicker workflow and can be increased over time.

Every gaming machine, portable or desktop, needs a good graphics card and the Acer Aspire can provide such key component: the internal GPU is a Nvidia 940MX with 2GB of dedicated memory, not the best available for portable devices, but perfectly in line with the price tag. While you definitely won’t be able to play the most specifics-heavy titles on Steam, you will have no problems with indie games and older gems.

Instead, a remarkable aspect is the built-in monitor, way more powerful than its competitors: extremely vivid and colorful, the 15” Full HD screen is a bit dim but can deliver stunning images and movements. Not as good unfortunately the audio department, with loudspeakers that felt way too small for this kind of laptop.

What also deserves a good vote is definitely the construction quality: the bulky design can trick the eye into flimsy built, but in truth, it hides a pretty robust case. The hard plastic never felt too fragile, while also maintaining a good heat isolation from the internal components. The keyboard and trackpad association is pretty standard, with no issues or particularities to note. Lastly, we have to mention the incredibly long battery life, that reaches nearly 11 hours of standard work.

Overall the Acer Aspire E-15 is a good PC for everyday use, not so much for serious gaming that goes beyond casual or indie titles. Consider it if videogames are not your priority.

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